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Premium Dr.Belter Facial Treatments

(face and neck treatment, include shoulder and neck massage)

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»Stimula« V-Shape Cell Rejuvenating Treatment ($238)
1h 30min

The use of serums and anti-aging mask with Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s exclusive ingredients such as BelisomeⓇ Aqua and BelisomeⓇ EGF which helps enhance collagen and skin elasticity. The treatment uses special cupping technique, warm contouring mask to provide firmness and perfect face and neck contours.

Luminous Youth Restoration Treatment ($268)
1h 30min

A luxurious whitening and lifting treatment for face and neck with the top performance line under Dr.Belter Cosmetics.  it suits all skin type, especially dehydrated skin with ageing symptoms. The use of patented ingredients, phyto-hormones, caviar and whitening complexes effectively revitalize tired and restless skin, brighten and strengthen skin elasticity.

»Bel Energen« Phyto-Sensation Fan Brush Deluxe Treatment ($298)

1h 30min

An innovative massage technique from the award-winning Bel Energen Line that uses face-neck-decollete massage with two silky fan brushes and Phyto-sensation Massage Concentrate, which contains replumping concentrates from plant hormone. This creates an enjoyable sensation on the skin with a visible lifting effect which counteracts wrinkle formation, reduces water retention, increases collagen density and radiance.

»Sleeping Beauty« Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment ($298)
1h 30min

A luxurious treatment for the face, neck and décolleté, it strongly regenerates the skins' cells and lipid barrier. A soft and fluffy Strawberry Cream Mousse mask containing strawberry extract is applied to the skin and a relaxing massage is performed to help the skin fight against free radicals and replenish nutrients in the skin. Wake up to beautiful skin as the rich Sleeping Beauty ampoule and Mask coupled with a luxurious eye massage work their wonders to give you glowing, radiant skin.

Bel Energen
Sleeping Beauty
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