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Singapore Extraction Facial

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Why Extraction Facial in Singapore gets popular?

In Singapore, where the weather is hot and humid, we tend to perspire excessively, the skin is feeling sticky and wet. Pollutions, such as excess UV, vehicle smoke from the roads, construction sites, and exhaust air from industrial buildings are part of our everyday life.

What happened to our skin? Whiteheads and blackheads started to appear and causing our appearance “unclean”.  For people with oily skin base, they tend to have pimples that particularly “mature” very rapidly, turning reddish and having pus underneath. This skin disorder not only happens to teens during their puberty, but also affects people in adulthood.  It is not a pleasant feeling at all!

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This is the reason why people look for Extraction Facial in Singapore is more than people in a country with 4 seasons, such as European countries or  North America, where the skin can rest from the heat and humid climate.

What is an Extraction Facial in Singapore?

It is a type of facial treatment that is designed to deeply cleanse and purify the skin by removing impurities and unclogging pores, with an extractor. The intention is to free the pores from unsightly dirt, such as blackheads, pimples, and acne.

This Singapore Extraction Facial typically involves several steps, including:

1. Cleansing 

The skin is cleansed using a gentle cleanser such as Micellar Water to cleanse away surface dirt, oil, and makeup

4. Extraction

Using a specialised tool to extract blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities. The end result of a facial treatment for impure skin depends a lot on this step. Some are using finger-squeezing method, some are using an extractor with a small round head to press out the sebum. But these are not the most ideal ways (in our opinion).

7. Finishing care

Suitable toning lotion, moisturiser and sunblock should be applied to conclude the facial treatment.

2. Double cleansing

The skin is further cleansed with a suitable cleanser, such as cleansing milk, gel, or foam, to cleanse away remaining dirt from the surface of the skin, including the skin pores. This gives an immediately refreshing feeling after cleansing.

5. Disinfection

Using an equipment to reduce post-treatment inflammation, to dry up pus and fluid of the skin. That helps to give a more clarified look after treatment.

3. Exfoliation

A gentle exfoliating scrub is applied to the skin to remove dead skin cells, and more stubborn dirt attached to the skin. An exfoliator with scrubbing beads is good for skin with a thicker horny layer (the outermost layer of the skin), or a smooth enzyme peeling cream could be applied to soften and moisture normal, dry skin.

6. Mask

A soothing mask is applied to the skin to calm and hydrate the skin. 

Annabelle Skin has its reputation on its unique extraction method to remove dirt and skin impurities, the extraction of blackheads is almost painless! It applies to all our facial treatments, meaning that Extraction Facial is part of our service, unless the skin doesn’t need it!

Annabelle Skin’s Impurities Extraction Facials

We believe in respecting the skin’s physiological function. We do not exert strong pressure to squeeze around the blemished areas, which would cause unnecessary skin oedema and redness that needs long downtime to subside. Also, it may cause post-acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation on the skin. Instead, we use a special extractor from Switzerland that has tips smaller than our skin pores, so our skillful beauticians will remove the impurities following the opening of our tiny skin pores, without giving pressure to the surrounding skin cells.

To share our good news, Annabelle Skin was awarded WINNER (Spa & Salon Award) BEST EXTRACTION FACIAL by Beauty Insider (Readers’ Choice Award) 2023.

All beauticians at Annabelle Skin are trained with this specific Facial Extraction method. So our clients can rest assured that their skin is calm and smooth after our Extraction Facials! 

What Facial Extraction Treatment is available at Annabelle Skin? 

As mentioned above, all our facial treatments contain extraction. But these are the most popular facial treatments for people who are concerned about skin impurities.

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Teens Quick Fix Facial ($68) 50 min

A facial treatment specially designed for primary or secondary school teens who were troubled by blackheads!  This is a straightforward treatment that removes blackheads and pimples while preventing acne and scarring. Treatment extract and purifying mask are used to prevent blemishes. No facial and shoulder massage included.

Dr.Belter Double-Effect Classic Treatment  ($178) 90 min
Blemish Clarifying Treatment

A personalized facial and neck treatment that is specially tailored to aid troubled skin with enlarged pores, pimples, and post-acne pigmentation. A visibly improved result can be seen immediately after each facial, which reduces skin swelling and unevenness caused by long-time acne. Treatment includes  the use of two »Intensa®« masks and an Ampoule from the award-winning Germany brand, Dr.Belter Cosmetic. Skin becomes supple, calm, and clean. 

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