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Skincare Brand

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From the country most recognised as a leader in innovation comes Dr.Belter Cosmetic, a German skincare brand that effortlessly fuses raw and organic ingredients with the best of skincare technology to create elixirs of perfection for every skin type. Annabelle Skin uses Dr. Belter to provide the best care for various skin conditions including sensitive skin, aging skin and so on. 

Dr.Belter Cosmetic has won many awards, including:


  • Best Anti-Ageing Range for its »Bel-Energen«​ Line in the ELLE Beauty Treat List 2015.

  • Best After-Sun Repair for its »Sun« After Sun Face Treatment in The Singapore Women's Weekly Best of Beauty Buys 2016.

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The Beginning: A Brand Borne of a Husband’s Love

Dr. Belter Cosmetic was founded by Dr. Clemens Belter in 1979 for his wife Gertraud Belter, the owner of a school for beauty therapists. The very first line of products has much emphasis on efficacy and use only ingredients of the highest quality.

Today, the family-run brand is among the top ten beauty brands in Germany with a cult following and multiple awards under its belt. In 2011, Dr. Clemens Belter was also honoured with the Prix d’honneur de la beauté for his significant contribution to the development of products and services in the professional cosmetic field.

Brand Philosophy: The Trinity of Skincare Perfection

Raw + Natural + Technology

  • GreenTec concept: combining natural and medicinal plants, partly from organic origin, with high-tech pro-medical active ingredients.

  • With 95-100% natural ingredients

  • Free of parabens, mineral and silicone oils

The formulas in Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s products use a lot of the latest patented ingredients to ensure excellent skin compatibility and comfort.

Many products are built on highly pure skin-identical raw materials and precious oils of plant origin.

»Bel-Energen« Dr. Belter Cosmetic’s Breakthrough Skincare Line

Dr. Belter Cosmetic consists of 11 product lines for every skin type and age group. Bel-Energen is the top performance skincare line of Dr. Belter Cosmetic, contains Belisome® AP (a Dr. Belter-exclusive anti-ageing ingredient) as well as carefully selected high-tech components such as biomimetic dermalipid membrane structure (DLS), patented peptides, Antarcticine® and FreshCells®. These are combined with proven herbal extracts to deliver visible care results.

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