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Deep Cleansing Facial

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Deep Cleansing Facial ($178)

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Is Deep Cleansing Facial essential to healthy skin maintenance?

A Deep Cleansing Facial is a treatment that typically involves several steps designed to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It could be called Deep Pore Cleansing Facial.

The treatment involves a soft yet effective Make-up Remover to cleanse away makeup such as foundation and powders, eyeliners and mascara, etc.  Followed by a gentle cleanser to “melt away” the dirt from the surface of the skin. Now the skin is ready to go through another deep cleansing step such as using an exfoliator to reduce the excess layers of dead skin cells.

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What are Exfoliators in a Deep Cleansing Facial?

In general, exfoliation means using a facial scrub. At Annabelle Skin, we use Soft Peeling which is a creamy lotion that contains biodegradable particles and a soothing complex.  It gently removes uneven dead skin cells while giving skin good circulation. It is beneficial for skin with dry and rough texture, or oily skin that has a thicker skin layer.
Another option for deep cleansing is using Enzyme Peeling Cream which does not contain any abrasive particles.  This product contains papain, organic shea butter, and witch hazel, it helps in removing dead skin cells with invisible skin peeling.  It can be used on all skin types, even for sensitive skin.   

Which product has a better “deep pore cleansing” effect?

In our opinion both exfoliators are similar. For mature skin that needs more stimulation, Soft Peeling is a better choice as the soft abrasive particles could gently rub against the skin to create blood circulation effects.  However, Enzyme Peeling Cream does a wonderful job of cleansing pores and softening the skin as well. As for people with pimples and blemishes concern, we would recommend Enzyme Peeling Cream for deep pore cleansing.  Both products help in preparing the skin for the next step of treatment, i.e. removing blackheads, whiteheads, and skin impurities.

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Annabelle Skin adopts a unique extraction facial method to remove skin impurities, and it is an important part of a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial. We don’t suggest excessive squeezing of pores which usually end up with red patches and swollen skin appearance.  Instead, we follow the pores direction and just “pick up” dirt that is clogging skin pores, thus reducing the chances of hurting the skin unnecessarily.

Now it will be the “antiseptic” step to disinfect the skin after extraction.  We use  equipment to ensure the skin is purified and clean.

After all the deep pore cleansing steps are completed, we will apply Intensa Ampoule according to the skin types and conditions, it gives intensive care to the skin, no matter to soothe sensitive skin, further disinfect acne/pimple skin condition, or for scar-healing function.  The professional beautician will decide what is the best!

A Deep Cleansing Facial can offer a pampering experience, too! We complete the treatment with relaxing facial massage, lymphatic drainage (for sensitive and acne skin), or other relaxation techniques that are suitable for the skin. Finally, the customer will receive a customized treatment mask to ensure the best results of the treatment.

Overall, a deep cleansing facial can help improve the appearance and texture of the skin by removing impurities and promoting a healthy, radiant glow. Though it is typically recommended for people with oily or acne-prone skin, it can be beneficial for anyone looking to refresh and rejuvenate their complexion.

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