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How often should I get a facial treatment?

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Facial treatments are good to replenish and relax the skin as well as to promote proper cell metabolism. It should be considered as an important part of everyone’s skin care regimen. Facials helps in stimulating skin cell regeneration by shortening its cycle and delay skin ageing. Therefore, a routine trip to your dermatologist for a session of facial is good for your skin.


However, how often should you get a facial still depends on various factors including your skin type, skin condition, and your age. Moreover, there are a lot of facial treatments out there and deciding which best suits you, can be a bit overwhelming.


Facial treatments are important to our lives and to help you get started, here are a few tips to guide you how often should you get a facial for that amazing complexion!

Ideal Interval Between Facials

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Professionals would recommend getting a facial at least once every three to four weeks. The reason being that skin cycle is usually within 28 days similar to that of the menstrual cycle. Facial helps stimulate skin cell regeneration cycle- shortening the skin cycle and delay ageing. Allowing your cells to regenerate also makes your skin look clearer, cleaner, and smoother.

Factors Affecting How Often You Should Get A Facial

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As mentioned previously, there are several factors that affect the frequency on how often should you get a facial. Among these factors are:

Skin Type


Skin varies from one person to another. People with acne-prone skin should go for facial treatments every 10 to 14 days to de-clog pores and remove impurities and prevent spread of bacteria.



You have to take into consideration your age when deciding the frequency of your facial treatment. Older people may need more frequent visits to enable skin cells to regenerate faster for more youthful skin.


The question is, can you do a facial once in a while? Of course! Although infrequent facial may not bring a long-term benefit but it can still serve as a treat. As long as it brings good feelings to the face and mind, it is still a good decision to have facial treatment every once in a while than having none at all.

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