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Dr.Belter Cosmetic:  Bel-Energen

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As the top performance care line of Dr.Belter Cosmetic, the >>Bel-Energen<< line consists of anti-aging products and treatments for women who wish to have both natural care with organic ingredients and highly effective, innovative actives.


Using a combination of carefully selected high-tech components such as biomimetic DLS, Antarcticine® and FreshCells™ as well as proven herbal extracts, products under this line are able to deliver visible care results.

Lumination Secret Radiance Performance Cream

This intensive whitening cream is developed to control hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. The efficient formula with a plant derived brightening complex, nutgrass extract and Belisome® AaP combines skin lightening and anti-aging properties. Advanced UVA and UVB sun protection factors additionally protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun. The result is a radiant and even complexion.

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