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How to Choose Home Care Products for Your Skin

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Choosing appropriate products to match your skin type can be a little tricky. Truth is, our skin type can vary. You may feel you have oily skin, yet you still notice dry patches when in a country where cold, dry draft air is present. Or you may think that you have dry skin, but your nose is oily with large pores and blackheads.


To help you get started in building your own skin care regimen, here are some tips:

Determine Your Skin Type


One of the most crucial step in starting a skin care regimen is to determine what works for your skin. Many times, you may need a range of products for different areas of your skin. There will be skin that are dry but have large pores along certain areas. Or normal skin but with appearances of dry patches. Thus, it is best to buy skin care products that go along well with your skin conditions. For example:

- a cleanser to reduce oiliness,

- a toner to increase hydration and

- a cream for sensitive skin.


Speak to a professional if you are unsure what will work for you. Remember, building up a routine is trial and error. Not everything that worked for everyone will work for you.

Natural (Plant-based) Ingredients

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Our skin is capable of absorbing anything we put on it. Overloading our skin with with harmful ingredients will result in unhealthy skin. Thus, you should choose skincare which consists of natural, plant-based ingredients. Plant-based skin care is the best way for your skin to absorb vitamins. Even though you may not see immediate results, it will bring you better effects in the long run.

Does the price proves its worth?



The most expensive product may not mean it is the best in the market. In fact, you may only be paying for the product's marketing budget, not the quality ingredients. Efficacy of each product still depends on its ingredients and the compatibility that suit your skin. Listen to your skin needs and buy products that can make a difference!


If you are still unsure of your skin condition or skin concerns that have been bothering you for years, do approach us at Annabelle Skin to get a personalized skin analysis check with professional advice and in dept explanation.

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