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BECOS Premium Facial Treatments

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White Prisma Anti-Spot Hydro Brightening Treatment ($298)
1h 40min

This signature treatment promotes the depigmentation process through targeting individual dark spots, reducing their intensity, for smoother and more even-looking skin. Reduces hyperpigmentation, promotes cell renewal and brightens dull complexion for a uniform skin tone, and a luminous complexion.

Aqua Factor Blue Sorbet Double-Hydro Revitalizing Treatment ($298)
1h 40min

A powerful 2-in-1 facial treatment to rewind the clock while providing a hydro-explosive care for mature and demanding skin. Doubles up the replenishing of water with the use of a skin-regenerating ampoule, and 2 types of hydrating masks to pamper not only the skin, but also soothe the stressful mind.

Lift Couture Physio-Lift Rejuvenation Treatment ($298)
1h 40min

Restore your youthful skin with this treatment which uses kinesiology as a reference! Deep and pronounced wrinkles are smoothened with the use of a firming and lifting serum, lifting tape and serum tissue mask. The skin becomes lifted, firmed and redefined for an immediate “lifted” look.

Age Pro Evolution Global Youth Treatment w/ Collagen Fleece ($368 / $388)
1h 40min

Stay youthful with this multi-action treatment which fights damage caused by photo- and chrono-aging, while also counteracting digital aging. Nourishes and hydrates the skin, minimizing wrinkles and expression lines with the use of a two-phase concentrate, youth activator, and collagen fleece. The skin becomes smoother, firmer and the facial profile is redefined!

Aqua Factor
Age Pro Evo
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