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Stimula: V-shape Cell Rejuvenation Cupping Treatment

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This anti-aging treatment helps to contour the face. It consists of phyto stem cells which helps to restore the skin cell’s youthfulness. Combined with V-shape cupping techniques, the treatment helps regain skin elasticity, firmness and provide a perfect face contour. Some other benefits includes:


  • Enhance V-Shape contour of the chin

  • Improve lymphatic circulation

  • Increase skin hydration

  • Brightening of skin complexion

  • Smoothening of fine lines and wrinkles

In this article, we will outline the products and techniques used during this treatment. 

Nobless Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil.png

Firstly, we kick start the cleaning process with Nobless Cleansing Oil. This hydrophilic cleansing oil contains precious botanic oils such as Abyssinian omega oil, chia seed oil. It gently cleanses the skin and removes makeup while supplying nutrients and retaining moisture.

Nobless Cleansing Milk

Cleansing Milk.png

Next, we do a second round of cleaning to thoroughly removes dirt and impurity. Nobless Cleansing Milk contains soothing complex and isoflavones from Irises. This mild cleanser is able to restore even demanding and mature skin, allowing it to regain freshness and purity. 

Nobless Fresh Tonic

Fresh Tonic.png



We recommend the use of a revitalizing toner such as Nobless Fresh Tonic which is packed with hydro-complex and Camelia Japonica extract to rebalance the skin’s pH-level. It ensures optimal absorption and enhances effective absorption of subsequent care products you use on your face.

Enzyme Cream Peeling

Enzyme Peeling.png

Exfoliation is an important step of any treatment. However, we need to ensure that the exfoliation is not too harsh on the skin. Enzyme Cream Peel is a great choice as it gently exfoliates dull skin and uneven complexion with natural ingredients like papaya enzyme and Vitamins C & E. When applied as a cream mask, the soothing and anti-ageing agents further enhance the skin for a a clearer and more refine skin complexion after the cell renewal process.

Vivacell Glow Serum

Glow Serum.png

After exfoliation, we use Vivacell Glow Serum which utilises the highly innovative Belisome® Aqua to boost cellular hydration. It consists of various anti-aging actives which leaves the skin taut and fresh. The serum also consists of glow-pigments which reflect light off your skin for a more even and radiant complexion.

Vivacell 24 Anti-age revitalising cream

Anti Age Cream.png

In the next step, we use this cream which consists of precious vinotherapy actives such as phyto stem-cells from grapes work and resveratrol to revive the skin. This allows self-renewal activity of the skin to be activated. As a bonus, it also provides the best possible protection against UV-induced skin aging.

Lymphatic Draining & Cupping Massage

Face Cupping.png

One of the most important technique to allow absorption of all the goodness into your skin will be lymphatic drainage massage. Dr.Belter’s lymphatic draining massage can help to drain toxin while promoting lymph and blood circulation. 

After which, Dr.Belter Cupping Massage is applied, which uses a specific cupping tools and movement to activates blood circulation and shape the facial contours. It allows skin cells regeneration, and enhances V-shape effect of the face


Biodynamic 24- Eye contouring cream + Eye Massage

Eye cupping.png

After all the pampering of the skin, it is time to put our focus on the eyes. We recommend the use of a rich and regenerating eye cream which contains smoothing peptides, hyaluronic acid and Liftonin®-Xpress. The unique ingredients creates a firmer, plumper and more radiant skin.

Couple the cream with Dr. Belter Cupping Massage for Eyes to get rid tired and puffy eyes. The unique massage technique gently drains the lymph flow around the eye contours, relaxes the muscles and reduce dark eye circles.

Vivacell Vinotherapy Cream Mask


And it is time for a mask. Nutrients-rich Vivacell Vinotherapy Cream mask is able to stimulate the skin’s self-renewal process and counteract the signs of ageing with the help of fresh cells from carrots, phyto-stem cells from grapes, resveratrol, and an organic grape leaf extract. 

At Annabelle Skin, we use Intensa Modelage Thermomask with Gauze Bandage to stimulate biochemical reactions and blood supply of the face. By doing so, we relax and warm the muscles, therefore increasing the absorption of active substances. As a bonus, it also helps in enhancing the face shape, allowing you to achieve a perfect V-shape face. 

Multibenefit CB Colourbalm 15

Colour Balm.png

Finally, the last yet important step of the treatment- sunscreen. Multibenefit CB Colourbalm 15 is a one step tinted sunscreen containing natural moisturizing factors and advanced protective properties using vitamins, shielding pigments and the patented Ectoin® cell protection, giving the skin an even, radiant look. 

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